Ray (Owner):

Ray has been an early crypto adopter, investor and trader since late 2012. Ray is an automation specialist and block-chain student who has worked on a diverse range of projects throughout the crypto, blockchain and NFT sector. Ray enjoys figuring out how things tick and designing ways to automate repetitive tasks.


Robert (Owner):

Also known as Krytical Pulse or KP. KP has been trading for 15 years with experience in penny stocks, stocks, forex and crypto. KP made the jump as a full time crypto trader and investor in 2018 and has worked as a team member on multiple projects within the Crypto and NFT space in that time.



Dax is a father of 2 boys and has been a crypto investor since 2020. Dax considers himself to be a hobby trader and IT generalist. Dax is a highly trusted member of the RayPulse team and has been a part of the project since the beginning offering his services to the team before there was much of a team to be a part of.



Rebecca, also known as “Rebel” is a newly established Van-Lifer and Youtube Creator as well as a graphic design artist who has been investing in the crypto space since 2020. Like most of the RayPulse subscriber base Rebecca is newer to trading which makes her perfect for her role on the RayPulse team.